Diversity Charter and survey

Dear JENAS participant,

Between the many APPEC-ECFA-NuPPEC activities, that will be discussed in detail at the JENAS meeting, Diversity has a primary role.

A working group formulated a Diversity Charter, which was  then approved by the three organisations. One of the initial actions proposed in the Charter is a very simple monitoring of a few variables sensitive to diversity issues.

As a start, these are variables that minimise potential issues on privacy.

We invite you to participate to this first Survey hoping that it will successfully prove useful. You find it here together with the Diversity Charter.

It will take only 5 minutes of your time and surely it is a very relevant effort to us.

Many thanks,

P. Conde
J. Gaardhoie
N. Kalantar
F. Moglia
T. Montaruli
N. Pastrone
J. Wambach

And the Chairs
T. Montaruli (APPEC)
J. D’Hondt (ECFA)
M. Lewitowicz (NuPPEC)

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